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Welcome to www.malenaadu-recipes.com, internet portal for all the traditional and authentic recipes from Malenaadu region and also from different parts of Karnataka and other parts of India.

This portal has been designed and promoted in the view to help everyone from cooking aspect. Therefore we are happy for anyone to use this website to try any of our posted recipes. But reproduction of any recipes on other cookery websites or any other related websites are prohibited. Reproducing any of these recipes in any form of cookery books or other articles is also prohibited, as many of these recipies are published by our expert cooks for commercial purtposes.

The recipies from our expert cooks have been tried and tested by them. If the recipes are followed correctly while preparing food, the end product should turn out to be of good quality. However we do not take any responsibility for any end products that do not turn out as per your anticipation. Also we will not take any responsibility for any food that might be allergic to you and its the responsility of each individuals to check whats not good for them.

Many of the Recipes on this site migth be posted by our users. These recipes are not necessarily tested by our expert cooks. So the authenticity and quality of the end products from these recipes will not be vouched upon by our expert cooks.

All our users are encouraged to post their recipes to share with our other users. However please make sure the recipes are tested and correctly written. We sincerely thank all our users who post their recipes to share with other users and contribute to the growth of this portal.