Mrs.Asha Venkatachala

Mrs. Asha Venkatachala is a homemaker, danseuse, an artist in preparing Havyaka receips. Havyaka is a sect amongst the south Indian brahmins who maintain their identity in their use of kannada language and in the preperation of their unique receips. Their main occupation is agriculture and their receips also are based on the agricultural products of malenaadu(Malnad) region. Mrs Asha Veenkatachala's father and mother belonged to malenaadu(Malnad) part of Shimoga district . Prof. Sripada, her father hails from Bandagadde, near keladi in Sagar taluk and her mother Shashikala from Kyasanur of Sorab taluk. Asha now lives in Sagar town with her husband Mr. Venkatachala and her daughter Miss. Dhavala. Asha being the daughter of of professor was brought up in Hassan, Chitradurga and Mysore, hence she has also come across a variety of receips of different parts of south Karnataka. But true to her origin she has maintained her origional culture and heritage. She is an ardent lover of music too. She makes it a point to appreciate both uttaradi and dakshinadi form of music.